Help! We’re Surrounded! A Park Rapids Community AIS Event March 20 from 7-8:30 PM

  Riverside United Methodist Church, Park rapids will host a 90 minute 2017 Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) Prevention event. Yes! It’s true we are now surrounded by counties and lakes with AIS that threaten our Hubbard County lakes and communities. Last summer, Detroit Lakes (to our West) was pronounced to have Zebra Mussels as well as Leech Lake (to our East). Red and Turtle Lake (to our North) have Starry Stonewart as well as Lake Koronis (to our South).

  Even if you don’t fish, swim, boat or otherwise enjoy the lakes, you have a stake in the local tourist economy and tax base that is threatened by AIS. Did you know that 60% of the tax revenue in Hubbard County comes from lake property assessments? That means that if Lake Property values decrease due to AIS infestation everyone in Hubbard County gets a tax increase to fund our schools and county government. Plan to attend this important gathering to learn how you can help be part of the Hubbard County Shield and AIS solution.

  “New Challenges and Responses to AIS” will be presented by Nicole Kovar from the Park Rapids office of the Minnesota DNR (20 Minutes). Bill DonCarlos, Hubbard County AIS Prevention, will present our local AIS prevention program and challenges (15 minutes). Jeff Forester of the Minnesota Lakes and Rivers Advocacy Association will present information on the statewide challenge as well as legislation and policy at the Capital and the need for a “grassroots movement” (30 minutes). The economics of AIS infestation will be presented by Dan Kittilson from the Hubbard County Coalition of Lake Associations as well as the impact to our local waters. At 8:30 PM there will be an opportunity for questions and networking. Please attend and invite a friend.

   Our deepest concerns are around being able to decontaminate boats, docks, and personal watercraft moving between lakes and coming into Hubbard County waters. Because we are now surrounded by lakes with AIS, we need to step up the battle to prevent AIS as many Hubbard County fisherman and boaters enjoy trips to Leech Lake, Red Lake and a variety of other lakes and will be encouraged to take appropriate actions to prevent the spread of AIS.


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