Creating Productive Lake Association-Government Interactions Workshop Lake Protection & Improvement Workshop Series September 25, 2018 9:30-3:00 Douglas County Public Works Building 526 Willow Drive, Alexandria, MN 56308

To be successful in improved lake management, community capacity has to be developed, fostered,
and used. Drs. Pradhananga and Davenport have conceptualized community capacity into five
components: individual, relational, organizational, programmatic, and justice. They state:
“Individual capacity includes an individual’s actions, beliefs, concerns, sense of responsibility, and ability to take
action. Relational capacity includes knowledge exchange through social networks, norm development, and
organizing action. Organizational capacity includes organizational leadership and development, partnerships,
and collaborative decision-making processes. Programmatic capacity includes stakeholder engagement,
assessment, outcomes evaluation, and adaptation. Justice capacity includes perceived trust, fairness in and
legitimacy of decision-making.”
The workshop is aimed at building additional community capacity by sharing information on local
government responsibilities; by self-assessing your lake association’s individual, relational, and
organizational capacity; and by providing some practical tips for with working with your local and
state agencies.
If you’re interested please RSVP to
(the event is free and open to lake association leaders & members)

DRAFT Agenda

Welcome/Goal/Introductions 9:30
Kris Carlson, DNR Decision Support Specialist
Why our Lake Efforts are Important (Lake Ecology & Economics) 9:40
Paul Radomski, Research Scientist, Minnesota DNR
Local Government’s Role in Lake Stewardship 10:00
Dave Rush, Land & Resource Management Director, Douglas County
DCLA’s Interests and 6 Potential Areas for Greater Government Partnership 10:30
Douglas County Lakes Association representative(s)
Break (15 minutes) 10:45
Understanding Our Capacity & Leadership Abilities 11:00
Dr. Amit Pradhananga, Research Associate, University of Minnesota
Lunch 12:00
Provided by Douglas County
Exercise 12:45
Self-assessment survey followed by group discussions
Practical Advice for Working with Governments 2:00
Chris Pence, Board Conservationist, BWSR
Perspective on Challenges & Opportunities 2:30
Jeff Forester, Minnesota Lakes & River Advocates
Resources Available/Adjourn 3:00

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