About Us

What is MN Lakes & Rivers Advocates?

MLR - Minnesota Lakes and Rivers Advocates is the only advocacy group solely focused on protecting Minnesota's lake and river heritage for current and future generations by forging powerful links between lakes, lake advocates and policy makers.

MLR core tenets

As a group we believe that:

  • Lake home and cabin owners and lake associations make huge contributions to the preservation of our lakes and rivers, buy more fishing licenses than any other demographic, contribute over $400,000 to fish stocking efforts, 1.2 million volunteer hours and $6.25 million towards lake preservation annually, yet are excluded from the Minnesota DNR Roundtable, the Clean Water Council, the Lessard Sams Outdoor Hewritage Council and the Environmental Trust Fund.
  • Minnesota's current property tax system is unfair as there is little connection between property tax and the ability to pay that tax;
  • Minnesota's tax system creates destructive disincentives towards preservation of shoreline, forest restoration, and habitat protection. We must rewrite the code to provide incentives for owners who want to preserve and protect these vital resources;
  • Minnesota can and must Stop the Spread of Aquatic Invasive Species and must take action to protect the ecological health of our lakes and rivers.

Who runs the MLR?

MLR - Minnesota Lakes and Rivers Advocates is a non-profit organization with a lean and mean staff consisting of an executive director, executive assistant and a professional advocate. With the help of several activist board members and volunteers, we lead the charge to represent our members' interests at the State Capitol.

An affiliated, but separately-organized, political action committee (PAC) pursues MLR's goals in the political arena.

All MLR - Minnesota Lakes and Rivers Advocates staff and board members welcome your thoughts and ideas so that they can serve you better.

Annual Meeting

The Minnesota Lakes and Rivers Advocates Annual Meeting is held annually at the Minneapolis Convention Center in February in conjunction with the Lake Home and Cabin Show.  All MLR members that attend the annual meeting will recieve free admission to the show.  In addition, Minnesota Lakes and Rivers Advocates speakers will be featured on the Cabin Life Stage inside the show.  It is a wonderful and exciting event and we encourage attendance.

Minnesota Lakes and Rivers Advocates Annual Meeting Feb. 9, 10:30 AM at the Minneapolis Convention Center









How to contact MLR staff or board members

Got something on your mind you want to say to our staff or board members? Willing and able to contribute not just your money, but some of your time to MLR? Or just want to say "Thanks" to a small group looking out for your interests?

We're all ears. Send us an e-mail. Give us a call. Drop us a letter. The more we hear from our members the better able we are to serve them.

Here's how to reach the MLR staff. A complete list of staff and board members is online.

Executive Director

Jeff Forester
PO Box 22262
St. Paul, MN 55122

Office: 952-854-1317
E-mail: jeff@mnlakesandrivers.org

Executive Administrator

Judy Corrigan
PO Box 22262
St. Paul, MN 55122

Office: 952-854-1317
E-mail: judy@mnlakesandrivers.org