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MLR's action center allows users to send emails supporting or opposing legislation of critical importance to lake association members.  But the system does not work unless you sign up.  Even if a Lake Association has joined MLR, the individual members of that association must sign up so that our Citizen's Action Network, CAN, will be able to assign the appropriate legislators based on where each individual lives and votes.


Grassroots advocacy is a numbers game - the more people writing, calling and emailing their legislators, the more powerful our collective voice.


Lake Association/COLA/LARA Advocacy

MLR is pulling together a broad coalition of lake shore owners, environmental groups, and lake associations, and leading the charge at the capitol to protect our lakes. With a full time lobbyist, and a statewide electronic database of concerned citizens, and a growing Lake Association and COLA membership, MLR has organized and focused intense grassroots pressure at the Capitol.  MLR gets the job done.

Member Organizations Benefit Include:

  • Website hosting;
  • Statewide advocacy and leadership on lake issues such as Aquatic Invasive Species and shore line rules;
  • A voice in establishing future statewide policy and legislative agendas;
  • State of the art email action alerts to leverage the grassroots power of your organization;
  • Seminars and webinars with valuable information on AIS, lake ecology, and estate and trust law strategies;
  • Bi monthly email newsletters and updates;
  • Content you can use in your association newsletters.


Passage of AIS legislation after years of stalls and frustrations in this area is a testamint to the power of an organized grass roots campaign.

Membership Contribution Levels:
Yearly membership contributions in MLR are based on a sliding scale determined by the size of your organization.

$100 per year (1 - 50 members)
$150 per year (51-150 members)
$200 per year (151 - 300  members)
$300 per year (301 or more members)

Web Hosting Option:
As a member, your association can host your website on the MLR platform. If you don't currently have a website or want to re-design your website; design services are available at a low hourly rate.

$100 per year web hosting fee for members

Minnesota's lakes face critical challenges today.  Aquatic Invasive species must be held in check, spiraling property taxes continue to drive over development of riparian areas, and lake protection, restoration and enhacement remains a low priority for state funding sources like the Legacy Fund.

Individuals across the state must engage, and stay up to date on events in Saint Paul, to work actively to push an agenda that will help solve the many problems we face as stewards of Minnesota's most precious natural resources.  Grassroots power requires "feets on the streets" and joining MLR is the best way to know your voice is heard in Saint Paul.