MLR 2019 Annual Meeting

Planning is currently underway for Minnesota Lakes and Rivers Advocates 25th annual meeting, a two day celebration of our iconic lakes and the organization we have built together to protect our shared lake heritage.

MLR Turns 25 - Come Celebrate With Us.
Save the Date: June 17-18, 2019
At Northern Lights Casino
Featured Speakers, DNR Commissioner Sarah Strommen, MPR Meteorologist Paul Huttner, Sen. Carrie Rudd, Rep. John Persell, and more....

This year's MLR annual meeting begins with a dinner on Monday, June 17th where MPR Meteorologist will share the trends scientists are seeing on our lakes and rivers due to changing weather patterns. Senator Carrie Rudd, Chair of the Senate Environmental Policy and Legacy Funding Committee, and Rep. John Percell, Chair of the House Environmental and Natural Resources Policy Committee, will share a legislative update.

On the morning of June 18th MLR will conduct a short business meeting. There will be a showcase of innovative and effective programs that are moving the needle on water quality.

At lunch, newly appointed Minnesota Department of Natural Resources Commissioner Sarah Strommen will be our plenary speaker.

We have partnered in this celebration with MN COLA, Cass County, Pine River Watershed Alliance, Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe, MN DNR, Minnesota Aquatic Invasive Species Research Center, and the Association of Cass County Lakes.

We have a few goals for this summer meeting:

  1. Have fun and provide good opportunities for lake advocates and resource managers from across Minnesota to meet each other, form relationships, and exchange ideas,

  2. Shine a light on the many good projects, partnerships and efforts being done in Cass County to protect lakes,

  3. Increase the capacity of lake associations in Minnesota with exchange of the very best strategies to build membership, engage new partners, elevate local issues,

  4. Have a lot of fun.

We are currently planning the specifics with our many partners, but we wanted to get you an announcement so that you could Save The Date. As we iron out the details, we will get them to you via email. This meeting is open for MLR or MN COLA members only.

Monday night we will have a dinner/cocktail party to celebrate. 25 years ago a handful of cabin owners on Lake Vermilion began to organize themselves to deal with rapidly rising property taxes. Some families were finding that they could no longer afford to keep places that had become central to their family. So our work has always been about family, and about places by a lake through the generations, about protecting our shared lake heritage.

On Tuesday morning we will have a continental breakfast. During this time you will have the opportunity to visit with lake folks from across the state showcasing their programs, projects, products, partnerships and more.  If you or your organization has something of interest to share and display, please contact Jeff Forester.

On Tuesday morning MN COLA and MLR will have brief business meetings.

Tuesday lunch will feature new DNR Commissioner Sarah Strommen as our plenary speaker. 

Tuesday afternoon we are organizing a number of field trips in Cass County to get folks out on the lakes to see some of the great work and innovative programs being done to protect lakes and rivers for future generations.

More details will follow and we will have all of the specifics soon. This will be a fun, energizing and productive two days.

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