Project WET - A Program to take lake association education efforts to the next level






In this hour long webinar, Janine Kohn will lead you through the Project WET program, and international water education organization that provides water-based curriculum and activities for many different audiences, from school kids to lake association members to the Kiwanis Club, and venues from classroom to board room to street fair or scout meeting. Click here to view this webinar and become a Project WET educator: http://www.anymeeting.com/440-799-667/EA54D98385473E

Northern Water Alliance Partners with Water Protectors

From Northern Water Alliance of MN
By Mary Ackerman & Jim Reents

Welcome Water Protectors!

Remember several years ago when Jim Reents and Mary Ackerman created The Northern Water Alliance of MN – an alliance of organizations and individuals concerned about water? Well, NWA is still active and we are part of the new campaign in our region by Honor the Earth and their friends. It was decided that it was high time to especially recognize and welcome Water Protectors. Who are Water Protectors?