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If you don't speak up for your rights, who will?

Citizens Action Network

Citizens Action Network (CAN) is your tool for lake and river advocacy. You CAN check up on important bill status, write your legislators, send letters to the editors of media in your area, find out the status of important legislative committees and more. With CAN, you CAN and will make a difference. No one else is going to protect your lakes for you.

"Perhaps the meek shall inherit the Earth,
but they'll do it in very small plots . . .
about 6' by 3'." - writer Robert A. Heinlein

Lake home and cabin owners are important stewards of Minnesota's land and outdoor heritage - but many forces, some economic and some legislative, threaten to turn every lake into Minnetonka, and every forest into asphalt. We must be untied and speak up for ourselves - no one else will.

As former state representative, professor and writer Darby Nelson said at a 2012 Legislative Summit on AIS, "I can tell you that legislators lead very busy lives. They can't know everything about everything.  That's where lobbyists... play very important roles."

The legislative process is complex, and law makers are pulled by special interests competing for their hearts and minds, not to mention their votes.

So, what are we to do?

One, speak up for your interests. Learn more about the issues. Write your state legislators. Write a letter to the editor. Call in to a talk radio show. Squawk about unfair assessments or lame aquatic invasive species control.

Two, join the MLR Coalition. There is strength in numbers, and the more members we have the better we can educate, inform and encourage legislators to adopt bills that represent our members' best interests.


As with most things, getting started is the hardest part. We've pulled together some resources to help speak up. If you can spare a moment, send us an e-mail and let us know how you made yourself heard. Your idea might be worth passing on to other members.

Write a letter to the Editor

Minnesota Newspapers by County:

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Minnesota Newspapers Website:

Get ideas here for writing your letter:
Download starter text for a letter to the editor about the need for meaningful property tax reform.

Call in to a Talk Radio Show

Minnesota Radio Stations:

Write your State Senator or Representative:
Sample Letters

Find out who represents you at the Legislature:

Get ideas here for writing your letter:

Download starter text for a letter to your legislator about the need for meaningful property tax reform.

Got an idea for speaking up that deserves mention?

Send us the idea and short note why it deserves to be included to info@mnlakesandrivers.org